Tech Talk – Engineering of quantum nanodiamonds

Diamond, the most famed of all gemstones, is unique in many ways. However, beyond the sparkle, diamonds have many unique properties for copious applications. In particular, nanoscale diamond particles, generally known as nanodiamonds (NDs), have several outstanding material qualities, offering a wide range of potential for basic science and industrial applications. The practical applications of the quantum NDs are highly dependent on obtaining a well-defined surface through cleaning. Here, this talk will first present a simple, reliable, and reproducible purification method, namely, the salt-assisted air oxidation treatment, which enables scale-up manufacturing of clean NDs. At the same time, it is discovered that NDs could work as an effective agent against oral infections. These findings will significantly enhance the scope of these little gemstones in diverse scientific and industrial fields, particularly in demanding areas such as biomedical and quantum sensing.

Tech Talk – Short-range exposure during close contact and the environmental interaction

Debate and scientific inquiries regarding airborne transmission of respiratory infections such as COVID-19 and influenza continue. Exposure was investigated under a face-to-face scenario, where people experience the highest risk of respiratory infection. The short-range airborne route was found to dominate exposure during close contact. Based on the fact that most of the outbreaks occurred in indoor environments, we built the link between long-range airborne transmission and short-range airborne route. Results suggest that effective environmental prevention strategies for respiratory infections require appropriate increases in the ventilation rate while maintaining a sufficiently low occupancy.

Tech Talk – Re-understanding of Active Volcanoes

The conventional understanding of active volcanoes is based on the theory of hot magma (molten rock) from mantle. Although this magma theory has been widely believed in Earth Science, the prediction of volcano eruption can be incorrect. For example, the recent massive eruption of the Tonga Hunga volcano was not predicted. The devastating eruption of the Mount Ontake volcano in Japan on Sept. 27, 2014 was also not predicted and/or warned at all, consequently caused 55 fatalities, 9 missing and more than 60 injured.

In this Tech Talk, Professor Yue will present his re-understanding of active volcanoes using his methane gas theory. This methane gas theory of active volcanoes is original and can interpret all the observed phenomena associated with active volcanoes. It can be used to correctly predict and effectively reduce the occurrence of damaging volcano eruptions. It can be further used to obtain the huge amount of natural gas resources from gas chambers of active volcanoes at several kilometers below the ground rocks

Wetlab Safety Arrangement

        This document is mounted at and it details the precautions for using the equipment items and conducting polymerase chain reaction (PRC) related experiments in the Room LG-09 (wetlab) of InnoWing. 1. Balance · Keep the balance in a vibration-free environment. · Place in an area with controlled humidity and temperature. …

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Abrasive waterjet cutting machine

Usage arrangement TRAINED MEMBERS Access permission BOOKING REQUIRED Requirement before usage WITH TECHNICIANS Buddy system requirement [For trained members] Only members who go through the training tutorial on this page can use the abrasive waterjet cutting machine. [Booking required] Before using our abrasive waterjet cutting machine, please fill the abrasive waterjet cutting job registration form. …

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Acrylic laser cutting and engraving machine

Usage arrangement TRAINEDMEMBERS Accesspermission CHECK-IN-OUTWITH STAFF Requirementbefore usage WITH TUTORS Buddy systemrequirement [For trained members] Only members who go through the training tutorial on this page can use the GCC LaserPro Spirit acrylic laser cutting and engraving machine. [Talk to us] Before using our acrylic laser cutter, please fill the acrylic laser cutting job registration …

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Machine shop

Usage arrangement FOR TRAINEDMEMBERS Accesspermission BOOKING REQUIRED Requirementbefore usage TECHNICIAN’sSUPERVISION Buddy systemrequirement [For trained Members] Only students with machine workshop training recognized and endorsed by the InnoWing are allowed to enter and use the Machine shop. [Prior reservation] Working in the machine shop requires a prior reservation to ensure a healthy staff-to-student ratio in the …

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