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A collaborative space designed to inspire creativity and innovation

About Brainstorming and Social Area

Brainstorming Area, a collaborative space designed to inspire creativity and innovation. This area is open to all students and provides a comfortable and stimulating environment for brainstorming, group discussions, and project work. Featuring a large LED screen with 3D mode, this space is ideal for showcasing presentations and visual content. In addition, we offer exciting VR activities that allow students to explore immersive software using VR glasses. Whether you are working on a group project, exploring new ideas, or simply looking for a space to relax and brainstorm, the Brainstorming Area is the perfect place for you. And if you’re looking to host an event or activity, this space is also available to book. Come and unleash your creativity in the Brainstorming Area!

Social And Brainstorming Schdule

Please check the schedule of Social and Brainstorming area in the following calendar:

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Buddy system
  1. [For All Members] All members of Innovation Wing are welcome to use the Ultimaker 3D printer to support their hands-on works.
  2. [Self-Served] Please serve yourself when the equipment/facility is not occupied.
  3. [With Members] Never use/operate this equipment/facility alone. Users should operate the equipment/facility with the presence, attention, and assistance of another trained member.
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Equipment / Facilities near this area

Podcast studio

With remote podcasting here to stay, you’ll want to make sure you have the perfect space for recording at our Podcast studio. It builds with those acoustic foam which reduces resonating frequencies within the space, increasing the quality of your audio recordings. let’s look for more equipment in this page!

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Brainstorming Area

IIIs for VIPs is an SIG collaborating with our supervisor Dr. Joseph Chan. It aims to provide a space where students can create inventions which help improve the daily lives of visually impaired persons (VIPs). We welcome students from engineering, medicine and interested students from other faculties.

Our SIG will support our members in finishing their projects until it becomes available for public use. Any project with the purpose of improving the activities of daily living for VIPs are welcome.

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Event Hall A & B

Event Hall, a versatile activity space located on the lower ground floor of our innovation center. With its large indoor area, the Event Hall is the perfect venue for hosting a wide range of activities, including talks, workshops, exhibitions, and events. Additionally, students can book the space to test their robotics, flying drones, and even hold initial courses. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and flexible seating arrangements, the Event Hall provides a dynamic and engaging environment to stimulate creativity and innovation. Whether you are looking to showcase your latest project or host an immersive learning experience, the Event Hall is the ideal space for your next big idea.

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Wet Lab

The wetlab in Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing is a state-of-the-art facility designed for conducting biomedical engineering experiments. It is equipped with specialized equipment and tools that allow researchers to study and analyze living organisms, cells, and biological molecules. The lab provides a controlled environment with specific conditions for conducting experiments related to biology and medicine. The facility is available to researchers and students from multiple disciplines, including biomedical engineering, biology, chemistry, and medicine, and offers a platform for interdisciplinary collaborations. The wetlab provides an opportunity for individuals to explore innovative approaches to solving complex biomedical challenges and making significant advancements in the field of biomedical engineering.
Our SIG will support our members in finishing their projects until it becomes available for public use. Any project with the purpose of improving the activities of daily living for VIPs are welcome.

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VR Room

The VR Workshop, a cutting-edge space for exploring the exciting world of virtual reality. This workshop can provide an immersive experience for all users. We offer Oculus headsets for borrowing and Vive Index headsets for testing software, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the virtual environment. Our workshop is set up with advanced trackers and room-scale features to ensure an optimal experience and maximum comfort while experiencing VR technology. Whether you’re looking to explore new worlds, create innovative projects, or simply experience the latest in VR technology, the VR Workshop is the perfect place for you. Come and discover the endless potential of virtual reality in our workshop!

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Digital Learning Studio

The Digital Project Studio in Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing is a state-of-the-art facility designed for engineering experiments. It is equipped with next generation computer with software that allows researchers to study and analyze for their project. The facility is available to researchers and students from multiple disciplines and offers a platform for interdisciplinary collaborations.

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Student Interest Groups near this area

SIG – HKU RoboMaster

Robomaster is a national robotics competition for university students, hosted by DJI. The project is about forming a team to design various types of smart robots which can engage in face-to-face, videogame-style battles. The preparation process involves the knowledge in the following disciplines: mechanical and hardware design, control theory application, computer vision and smart algorithm, technical management. The ultimate purpose of the project is to develop the skills, quality and team spirit of engineering students that can be beneficial in their future career.

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SIG – HKU Astar (formerly RoboMaster ICRA AI Challenge)

HKU Astar is a student interest group focused on research and development in the combination of Robotics and AI algorithms. It collaborates with HKU RoboMaster in RoboMaster university competition series hosted by DJI, responsible for the mechanical and embedded systems design of some robots and the development of vision, localization, navigation, and decision-making systems applied to the fully automatic sentry robot and the Radar. Starting from next semester, the team will participate individually in other AI-related competitions, such as the Intelligent UAV Championship currently held by DJI. For the UAV Championship, the team will work on the localization, navigation, and motion planning of a drone to make it fly swiftly and smoothly through objective rings, as well as avoid stationary or moving obstacles in a complicated environment.

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SIG – PERfECT Wearables for Digital Health

Internet of things (IoT) has attracted huge attention because of its potential to connect things together with the cloud. Similarly, the Internet of Health (IoH) aims to enable real-time health evaluation of an individual or a group with advanced medical devices. This feat can be realized by developing tiny wearable biosensors that can be easily deployed on the human body to monitor health signals. This project develops next-generation wearable biosensors to allow digital healthcare. There are two main components. First, we develop skin-attachable biosensors which detect health signals including electrophysiological signals, temperature, and antibodies or glucose in the sweat. Second, we develop miniaturized sensor characterization systems to enable comfort wear for practical applications. The whole set can communicate the data wirelessly with other electronic devices. This will be one of the smallest wearable devices developed so far. Future research is being conducted by our group at the innovation wing now at HKU.

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SIG – HKU Robocon

The annual Robocon competition project allows HKU engineering students from different disciplines to design and fabricate innovative robots with an integration of various advanced technologies, including IoT sensors, AI, computer vision, and mobile computing. Besides, it provides hands-on experiences on product design, prototyping, CNC machining, design and fabrication of electric circuit and PCB, control program development, etc.

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SIG – Engineering and Archaeology

We are forming a new interest group at the Innovation Wing, as a collaboration with humanities and educational researchers at HKU.

In this group, we plan to pursue several interdisciplinary projects that will improve the ways we can study and teach about the human past. Our projects will include uses of augmented and virtual reality in recording, teaching, and presenting archaeological sites. We are also studying the use of machine learning and computer vision for several purposes to study visual datasets such as satellite images of ancient landscapes. We work with a field project that travels to Armenia each summer to excavate. We welcome anyone who would like to join our team, from any Faculty. We especially invite engineers and computer scientists, but we also have many other projects which anyone with an interest can join.

Let’s learn about the human past together! Thank you!

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