Overall schedule
Inno Induction tours
Event halls A and other activity space
  • Event hall A
  • Open event area
  • Staircase area (outside the event hall)
Conference room
Makerspace and other equipment

Members please note the following scheduled events/activities in the makerspace. Please kindly move to another area to continue with your hands-on work when there is a scheduled events/activities in these areas. Thanks for your help! 🙂

  • Makerspace A (workbenches)
  • Electronic workbenches
  • Acrylic laser cutting and engraving machine
  • Metal laser cutting and engraving machine
Brainstorming area
Open Event Area
Machine shop
3D printing farm
3D Printer (Ultra-high resolution) MicroArch S240
VR room and VR/AR equipment
Digital learning studio
Podcast studio
Wet lab
  • Approved SIG(s)’s designated technical staff will have the passcode for the following booking form to make a reservation before the SIG team begins work in the wet lab.
  • The designated technical staff is required to be present in the wet lab to ensure the safe operation of the wet lab facilities.
  • Note: Innovation Wing is closed on university/public holidays. Please double-check and refrain from making bookings on those dates.
  • Please also check the latest announcements regarding the opening hours of the Innovation Wing. The wet lab is closed when the Innovation Wing is closed. Thank you.
Special project studio