Overall schedule
Conference room
Makerspace and other equipment

Members please note the following scheduled events/activities in the makerspace. Please kindly move to another area to continue with your hands-on work when there is a scheduled events/activities in these areas. Thanks for your help! 🙂

  • Makerspace A and B (workbenches)
  • Electronic workbenches
  • Acrylic laser cutting and engraving machine
  • Metal laser cutting and engraving machine
Brainstorming area
  • Brainstorming area 
  • LED wall
  • Meeting room
Event halls A and B
Machine shop
3D printing farm
VR/AR equipment
Digital learning studio
Podcast studio
Wet lab
  • Approved SIG(s)’s designated technical staff will have the passcode of the following booking form to make a booking before the SIG team come to work in the wet lab. 
  • The designated technical staff is required to be presence in the wet lab and ensure the safe operation of the wet lab facilities.  
  • Note: Innovation Wing is closed on University / public holidays. Please double-check and do not make bookings on those dates.  
  • Please also check the latest announcement about the opening hours of the Innovation Wing. The wet lab is closed when Innovation Wing is closed. Thank you.
Special project studio
Inno Induction tours