Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two

Faculty of Engineering
The University of Hong Kong

About Inno Wing Two
Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two
The Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two (Innovation Wing Two) was established with a donation of HK$20 million from Mr and Mrs Tam Wing Fan, for setting up the infrastructure and facilities and inaugurating the operation of the facility, and a HK$10 million funding under the Government Research Matching Grant Scheme to match with the donation amount, for conducting research activities and initiatives.  The Innovation Wing Two is connected with the Innovation Wing One via a covered walkway.  The Innovation Wing Two aims to serve as an enabling platform for Engineering researchers to interact and collaborate synergistically with researchers and professionals across various disciplines to tackle grand challenges and deliver research outputs with significant impact to Hong Kong and global communities, and at the same time to share the Faculty’s latest research achievements/findings/outputs with the large HKU and Hong Kong communities in widely accessible forms for example exhibitions and talks on research topics.  The Innovation Wing One and Two and the Innovation Academy together form an integrated hub for innovation, exploration, outreach and collaboration that is nonpareil and will push forward the Faculty’s two fronts of both education and research on innovation in an enlarged arena.
Research talks / activities

Tech Talk

All members of the HKU community and the general public are welcome to join!
Re-understanding of Active Volcanoes
Speaker: Professor Z.Q. Yue Quentin, Department of Civil Engineering, HKU
Date: 27th January 2022 (Thursday)
Time: 2:30pm
Mode: Online via ZOOM

Tech Talk

All members of the HKU community and the general public are welcome to join!
Unravelling the transmission of vertical outbreaks:
Each drainage stack is an aerosol factory
Speaker: Professor Yuguo Li, Chair Professor of Building Environment, Department of Mechanical Engineering, HKU
Date: 20th January 2022 (Thursday)

Time: 4:30pm
Venue: Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two

Inaugural Research Exhibition

Engineering for Better Living

Twelve cutting-edge engineering research projects led by Professors in the Faculty of Engineering are exhibited in the Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two.
These projects address both local and global situations and are categorized into topics of InnoHK, COVID-19, Emerging Technology, and Gerontology respectively.

Time: 9:30am – 7pm on weekdays, and 9:30am – 1pm on Saturdays
Venue: Innovation Wing Two

Inaugural Tech Talk


Date: 28th December 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 3:40pm
Venue: Innovation Wing Two
Presenter: Professor Norman C. Tien & Professor Anderson H.C. Shum
Moderator: Professor David J. Srolovitz

Opening ceremony

Date: 28th December 2021 (Thursday)

A hub of interdisciplinary research to catalyze the discovery of innovative and impactful engineering technologies – Opening of Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two