Venue for Events / Activities

Usage principle

The Innovation Wing Two aims to serve as an enabling platform for Engineering researchers to interact and collaborate synergistically with researchers and professionals across various disciplines to tackle grand challenges and deliver research outputs with significant impact to Hong Kong and global communities, and at the same time to share the Faculty’s latest research achievements/findings/outputs with the large HKU and Hong Kong communities in widely accessible forms for example exhibitions and talks on research topics.

It favorably considers applications for using its venue and LED wall for the relevant events/activities in the form of, e.g.,

  1. Research-related events/activities of the Faculty of Engineering and its departments;
  2. Joint activities for Engineering researchers to interact and collaborate synergistically with researchers and professionals across various disciplines;
Eligibility for application
  • The application is open to academic staff in Engineering.
  • Supervisor: The proposal should identify an academic staff in Engineering as the supervisor and contact person of the event/activity.
  • Supporting staff: The proposal should identify supporting staff for the event/activity.
Application form
  • Submission of application is welcomed anytime. 
  • The application should be endorsed by the Head of the host department. The endorsement assures mutual understanding for the allocation of department resources (such as academic supervisor(s) / technical staff(s) / helper(s)) for the event/activity.
  • The application will be vetted and submitted by department representative. Department representative may give feedback to the applicants on the proposal.


Department representative in the Innovation Wing executive committee

Department of Civil EngineeringProf. J. Yang
Department of Computer ScienceProf SM Yiu
Department of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringDr. C.K. Lee
Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems EngineeringDr. HH Cheung
Department of Mechanical EngineeringDr. C. H. Liu

Interested parties are welcome to submit a completed form at least two months before the proposed activity date. Please access the form by clicking below link. An email confirmation will be sent to the applicant’s email once the activity is approved. For any enquiry, please email to .

Floor plan of event/activity venue

Floorplan of the exhibition area of Innovation Wing Two
Note: The exhibition items in the middle of the venue will stay there during the events/activities.

Facilities & equipment 

Seating setup for events/activities in Innovation Wing Two (up to 40 seats)

High resolution LED wall 
Dimension [W x H]: 6.6 x 2.4 m

Computer & Presentation Remote 
Connected to the LED wall, PowerPoint presentation using the provided desktop computer is recommended.  

Audio Mixer
Support the control of microphones and the audio output of the computer connecting to the LED wall.
Support mixed audio output.

Hand-held x 6
Clip mic x 2

Assessment of applications
  • Upon receiving the application form form the department representative, the proposals will be reviewed by the Director of Innovation Wing and approved by the Director of Interdisciplinary Facilities in the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Assessment criteria of the proposals are including but are not limited to the following:
    1. Relevance of the event/activity with research innovation.
    2. Relevance of the event/activity with the Faculty of Engineering or its departments.
    3. Objectives and potential impact(s) of the event/activity.
    4. Scope of the event/activity (i.e. International, University-wide, Faculty-wide, cross / inter-disciplinary, programme-based, course-based).
    5. Appropriateness of the setup, usage, and management planning.
    6. Adequacy of academic and supporting staff allocated from the hosting department.
    7. The feasibility of the access, logistic and security arrangement of the participants.
    8. Reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • The confirmation email is sent to the activity supervisor once the proposal is approved.
The role of Innovation Wing and event/activity team
Innovation Wing The event / activity team
Access control of the venue
  • Innovation Wing Two exhibition area is public access.
  • The max capacity for the venue is 30 person including the on-site staff. The capacity is subject to change with respect to the University policies on social distancing and capacity reduction of venue for event/activity.
  • If the event requires controlled access for registered guests only, the event/activity team needs to specify the request in the application form and provide manpower for crowd control and setup of the registration counter.
  • For big public event/activity: Please allocate an adequate number of supporting staff(s) to facilitate the registration process at the main entrance, and the logistic and security management of the participants.
Setup of Venue
  • Innovation Wing Office arranges basic furniture (such as chairs) upon request listed and approved in the proposal/application form. 
  • Please consult the Innovation Wing Office for the safety and logistic arrangement inside the Innovation Wing Two.
Housekeeping / cleaning arrangement
  • Innovation Wing Office arranges housekeeping / cleaning service for the facilities and exhibition items.
  • The event/activity team is responsible for the housekeeping/cleaning arrangement of the venue before and after the event/activity.
Publicity of activity and its projects
  • Innovation Wing Office maintains a website that introduces the events/activities in Innovation Wing (in the upcoming activities section and the activity reports section).

  • The supervisor provides the details to Innovation Wing for publicity purpose:
  • Media links:
    • Poster of the event/activity - 36-inch width * 54-inch height with 150dpi (5400 * 8100 pixels)
    • Images of the event/activity - one cover image and several other images.
    • A short video about the event/activity - preferably a one-minute video.
  • A completion report