About the EdgeTalk Partnership Scheme

EdgeTalk Partnership Scheme is a research initiative to foster partnership between The Edge and research groups/institutes/organizations.
We aim at (1) enhancing the image of HKU Engineering research, (2) enlarging the participant base from HKU community to the public,
(3) optimizing usage of the facilities in Inno Wing Two and (4) encouraging community involvement in research development in the Faculty of Engineering.


The Applicant Organisation and the proposed activity should meet the following requirements: 

The Applicant Organisation should be either one of the below:

  • Department / research team / research institute under Faculty of Engineering;
  • Department / research team / research institute under Faculties in HKU;
  • InnoHK Centre under HKU; or
  • Relevant professional institutions / organisations


  • The proposed EdgeTalk should be related to technology and innovation, with its objective and nature directly related to Engineering research and the promotion of technology and/innovation to the community.
  • The activity should be open to HKU community for participation.
  1. Interested parties are welcome to submit a completed online application form to The Edge (https://forms.gle/5vYTybFfTQFmqEyV6) at least two months before the proposed activity date.
  2. The venue and facilities at Inno Wing Two are normally available for booking for every Friday afternoon (14:00-17:00, except on public and University holiday).
Assessment of Applications

All applications will be assessed by a review panel chaired by the Director of The Edge and will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  1. Objectives of the activity;
  2. Background of the applicant organization; and
  3. Scope of the activity, etc.

Successful Applicant Organisations will become Partner Organiser (hereinafter referred as “Organiser”) under the Scheme.

  1. The use of venue and facilities at Inno Wing Two is free of charge for the activities organised by the Organisers. Basic venue setup will be provided.
  2. The Organsier can submit the promotion materials to The Edge for publicity with the use of external LED wall outside Inno Wing Two.
Logistic Arrangements

Upon approval of the application, meeting will be arranged with the Organiser for the detailed setting and arrangement.

On-site arrangement

  1. The Organiser should arrange adequate manpower to support the activity.
  2. Inno Wing Two will provide minimal technical support to the activity.
  3. No drink and food in the venue without prior approval from Inno Wing Two. The Organiser is required to clean the place, clean all the rubbish and debris, and arrange the furniture in proper order immediately after the event.

Acknowledgement and activity report

  1. The Organiser must acknowledge The Edge and / or Inno Wing Two as co-organiser by placing the designated logo(s) on all promotion materials of the activity and submit a copy to The Edge for record.
  2. The Organiser should submit an online activity report with photos within one month of the event. (https://forms.gle/rX5aP2AtkqUs6wMK9)
  3. The Organiser should understand that The Edge / Inno Wing Two may use their names and the activity information in its publications, websites, newsletters, reports and others.
Maximum Capacity

50 seats

Basic Equipment Provision
  • High resolution LED wall (Dimensions [WxH]: 6.6 x 2.4m)
  • Computer and presentation remote: Connected to the LED wall. Powerpoint presentation using the equipped desktop computer is recommended.
  • Audio Mixer: Support the control of microphones and the audio output of the computer connecting to the LED wall. It supports mixed audio output.
  • Microphones: Handheld x 6 and Clip mic x 2
  • Video camera: For the online zoom webinar


Floor Plan with Basic Setup

Pre-scheduled events/activities and public/university holiday