Job Opportunities

Undergraduate student intern (Part-time)

Undergraduate student intern (Part-time)

(to commence as soon as possible for one semester, with the possibility of renewal subject to satisfactory performance)

With the recent deployment of equipment training modules, it is a good opportunity to carry on the momentum and continue to develop more training modules for the interests and benefits of members of the Innovation Wing. Below is the proposed equipment-based training modules:

  • Waterjet cutting equipment
  • Multimedia and podcasting equipment
  • 3D scanning equipment
  • Augmented/Virtual reality equipment
  • Motion-capture equipment
  • Any other topics of your interest (please indicate it in your application.)

The duty of the intern in one semester is expected as follow:

  • Development
    • Focus on developing a training module for one or more equipment. 
    • Prepare training materials so that members of the Innovation wing would be able to learn the hands-on skill of equipment / making an interesting prototype, including:
      • Technical background and features of the equipment
      • Safety precautions 
      • Operation steps
      • Interesting hands-on practical tasks 
      • Training video(s)
    • Prepare assessment for the training modules, so that Innovation Wing would be able to assess member’s understanding of the module(s) and in particular, the safety precautions of operating the equipment. 
    • Assist the technical manager to procure necessary consumable items for the training modules for the trial run and the implementation for one semester. 
  • Trial run for tutors
    • Conduct a trial run for tutors and technicians in the Innovation Wing so that they could help to deploy the training module for members.

The duty of the intern for the following semesters as follow

  • Deployment for members for one semester
    • Assist the tutors and technicians to deploy the training modules for the members of the Innovation Wing. 
    • Provide technical support to members’ inquiries.
  • Further deployment for secondary school STEM education
    • Modify and upgrade the training material based on the feedback of the trial run and follow up the implementation of the training for one semester.
    • Assist to promote the training module to secondary school for STEM education after running the training for a semester.

Applicants should be a current member of the Innovation Wing. They should have an excellent command of written English, and good interpersonal and communication skills. They should be highly motivated, responsible, and able to work independently.

Interested applicants, please send your

  1. CV
  2. Academic transcripts
  3. Available working hours (not more than 20 hours per week, please refer to here.)
  4. The topic of training module(s) you would like to work on.

to Innovation Wing ( A confirmation email will be sent to you and an interview will be scheduled for shortlisted applicants.

Review of applications will commence as soon as possible and continue until the posts are filled.

Sharing of our interns

Mr. Chan Chun Kit (Ryan)

Period of Duty: June 2021 – August 2021
Great success won’t come without great opportunity. Without the job opportunity offered by Innowing and the help of the staff and facilities here, I would not be able to design and develop the impressive training modules for our members.

Looking back to last summer, I was working on the design of the training modules of Embedded system and 3D printing. Starting from the planning, testing, carrying out execution and evaluation of the process, my path is full of passion and motivation of delivering the best for our next generation of engineer. Difficulties do exist. But just remember, the help from your intern partners, tutors and technicians from different departments will never be absent. You may face obstacles when you are planning or designing the modules, but Innowing would be the place where everyone’s ideas are very encouraged to be expressed. Trust your partners. That is how I gained the great success in duties.

During my two months of Internship, I successfully finished the design and execution of the two training modules (Embedded System and 3D Printing). Creative duties like product designing, video making and selecting training consumables to purchase surely upgraded my ability of handling executive duties. Generating worksheets for members and guidelines for tutors also helped me to stratify my knowledge of the above modules and generate attractive technology learning. Within this short period of time, I have gained a fruitful outcome more than I could expect. At Innowing, your ideas are very much welcomed, discussed, and supported. This is the best working environment I could tell.

I am looking forward to working again at Inno Wing, serving to help students to express their innovative ideas. Hope to see you working with me in the future. Let’s construct a better community together!

Mr. Bozzolan Alex Francesco

Period of Duty: June 2021 – August 2021

First of all, I would like to take the chance to properly thank the Innovation Wing, for having me as their student intern for the summer period. It was really a meaningful way to pass the vacation. Together with the Innovation Wing, we have provided training modules to help students kickstart their interest in building their own small projects. I was in charge of making the materials for Laser Cut Machine as well as the safe and correct usage of Power Tools.

After going through the training materials, students would then be able to use the laser cut machine to cut their very own cellphone holder, with patterns of different shapes, and to make their own mini-cabinet with the use of power tools to drill properly sized and located holes for fastening of screws. It provided me the opportunity to create innovative and interesting tasks for us engineering students,  and allows me to apply what I have learned in lectures to my job this summer.

I thank the Innovation Wing once more for giving me this opportunity, and I am sure that other students if given the opportunity, would love to be in this cause as well.