SIG – Engineering and Archaeology

Host department: Faculty of Arts

Supervisor: Dr. Peter Cobb. (Faculty of Arts)

Application form for Engineering and Archaeology 2023-2024

Project Background

In collaboration with humanities and education researchers at HKU, we have innovated a new interest group at the Innovation Wing. In this group, we have undertaken several interdisciplinary projects to improve the way we can study and about human past. Our projects include the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies in recording, teaching, and presentation of archaeological sites, 3d archaeological databases. We are also studying the use of machine learning and computer vision for several purposes to study visual datasets such as satellite images of ancient landscapes, large language models like GPT in archaeology. We work with a field project that travels to Armenia each summer to excavate.  We welcome anyone who would like to join our team, from any Faculty.  We especially invite engineers and computer scientists, but we also have many other projects which anyone with an interest can join.
Let’s learn about the human past together!  Thank you!

Project Details

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Recruitment Detail

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  • web programmer (Python, Django, Postgre sql, Javascript)
  • Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineer


  • Geo-Information Analyst


  • Remote Sensing Specialist


  • VR software programmer
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