SIG – PERfECT Wearables for Digital Health

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Project supervisor: Dr. Shiming Zhang (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

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Internet of things (IoT) has attracted huge attention because of its potential to connect things together with the cloud. Similarly, the Internet of Health (IoH) aims to enable real-time health evaluation of an individual or a group with advanced medical devices. This feat can be realized by developing tiny wearable biosensors that can be easily deployed on the human body to monitor health signals. This project develops next-generation wearable biosensors to allow digital healthcare. There are two main components. First, we develop skin-attachable biosensors which detect health signals including electrophysiological signals, temperature, and antibodies or glucose in the sweat. Second, we develop miniaturized sensor characterization systems to enable comfort wear for practical applications. The whole set can communicate the data wirelessly with other electronic devices. This will be one of the smallest wearable devices developed so far. Future research is being conducted by our group at the innovation wing now at HKU.

Team information

Project leader(s): Liu Dingyao, PhD(1)

Team advisor(s): Leung Chung Chu (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Team member(s): Chu Wing Yan, BEng(3);
Lau Wing Chung Cleo, BEng(3);
Tian Xinyu, BEng(RA);
Lui Yin Man, PhD(1);

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