Innovation Wing

SIG – Integrated Multiperspective SAR System

This project aims to develope an integrative system that search for microwave signals emitted by victim’s phone from multiple perspective from aerial to ground. The modules in the system has three main operation modes, including active scanning, passive scanning, and a spoofing mode. It can send and receive certain type of packets, and pretend to be devices that is owned by the missing person. When using multiple modules together, they can form a mesh-like network within themselves, enabling functions like triangulation of signal and dividing workload.

SIG – Engineering and Archaeology

We are forming a new interest group at the Innovation Wing, as a collaboration with humanities and educational researchers at HKU.

In this group, we plan to pursue several interdisciplinary projects that will improve the ways we can study and teach about the human past. Our projects will include uses of augmented and virtual reality in recording, teaching, and presenting archaeological sites. We are also studying the use of machine learning and computer vision for several purposes to study visual datasets such as satellite images of ancient landscapes. We work with a field project that travels to Armenia each summer to excavate. We welcome anyone who would like to join our team, from any Faculty. We especially invite engineers and computer scientists, but we also have many other projects which anyone with an interest can join.

Let’s learn about the human past together! Thank you!

Dr. C.K. Chui

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing, a place where we turn our ideals and dreams into reality! Please find me to talk about your dream and let me know how may our Innovation Wing helps. I am looking forward to seeing you around 🙂v