August 2019

Design, Build & Fly for AIAA competition

The Design, Build & Fly (DBF) is a regular capstone design project under the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Every year, many ME students show a very strong enthusiasm in this project and our department encourages them to participate in different international competitions. Many student competitions are based on solving “real” cases and problems. By participating in a competition, it helps students to build up links between thinking and doing so that they learn to apply theories into practice with a deeper understanding of the concepts.

Project Cyborg

Host department: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Hong KongProject leader: Timothy About the project Theme: executing a rescue mission by drone through automation Drone: Self-controlled quadcopter without a pilot control able to grab and drop a medical package. Flight area: 20m x 10m, height 5m, filled with props obstacle such …

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3D printing

Technical manager of Innovation Wing: Timothy Ng Contact: Introduction To the Designers,  Innovators, and Engineers of tomorrow.  Have you always wanted to build something, but found the manufacturing part extremely difficult and cumbersome? That’s where 3D Printing comes into play. While traditional manufacturing technologies have matured throughout the entirety of the industrial revolution, it …

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HKU Robocon 2019

We are a robotic team formed in 2004 to participate in the ABU robocon competition. Since its establishment, and had won Champion 4 times, 1st runner up 5 times and 2nd runner up 3 times in local competition, and 1st runner up once in international competition in the past 16 years. We are looking forward to win more awards for HKU in upcoming competition. Our members mainly come from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Computer Science. We also welcome students not from Engineering Faculty to join us as long as you are passionate and willing to work hard ain robotics.

RoboMaster2020 Recruitment

RoboMaster (the RM) is one of the world’s biggest, most complex and completely over the top student robotics competition. During the 5-day competition, students from over 200 universities around the world compete in front tens of thousands of fans while millions more watch online. The whole thing takes place inside a colossal stadium in Shenzhen, an arena that usually holds the country’s biggest rock stars. It is all being funded by Da Jiang Innovations Science & Technology Co, which is widely known as Dji, a company famous of its drone product named Phantom. The competitors are here not only for cash prizes but a chance to audition their talents for jobs in Dji. Dji on the other hand wants to use this competition to become the most successful robotics company in the world. This is RoboMaster, a stage for the robot-lovers to achieve their childhood dreams.
– Da Jiang Innovation & Technology Co

SIG – HKU Racing

Formula Student is a renowned educational engineering competition, combining practical engineering with soft skills including business planning and project management. It is a proving ground for students who want to create and change the world. Electrification of transportation system is here, the combination of electric powertrain and traditional mechanical system has made this competition attractive to lots of industries leading to companys’ attention and support. This competition jump starts our students’ knowledge and skills set for their future career. HKU Racing is the first team from Hong Kong to compete in Formula Student (European series).

ENGG1330 Computer Programming I (2019-20 Fall Semester)

Host department: Department of Computer ScienceCourse coordinator: Dr. C.K. Chui (CS) and Dr. Dirk Schnieders (CS) Welcome to Computer Programming I This is an introductory course designed for first-year engineering students to learn about computer programming. Students will acquire basic Python programming skills, including syntax, identifiers, control statements, functions, recursions, strings, lists, dictionaries, tuples and …

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