ENGG1330 Computer Programming I (2019-20 Fall Semester)

Host department: Department of Computer Science
Course coordinator: Dr. C.K. Chui (CS) and Dr. Dirk Schnieders (CS)
Welcome to Computer Programming I

This is an introductory course designed for first-year engineering students to learn about computer programming. Students will acquire basic Python programming skills, including syntax, identifiers, control statements, functions, recursions, strings, lists, dictionaries, tuples and files. Searching and sorting algorithms, such as sequential search, binary search, bubble sort, insertion sort and selection sort, will also be covered.

Recruitment of honorary student mentors

Dear students who are good at Python programming,

We are recruiting passionate, responsible and knowledgeable students to be the student mentors of ENGG1330 in 2019-20 Fall semester!


  • Be the leader of tutorial discussion for 15 students through the semester (2 regular hours every week, 12 weeks in total): Your task is to lead the group discussion for 15 students and mentor them through the semester. We will provide you with questions and suggested solutions for your preparations. You have to spend two regular hours per week with your mentees to work on Python programming questions. 
  • Reporting session (Every Thursday 10:00am in Grand Hall): To report the learning progress of your group, and receive a briefing about the tutorial questions for the coming week’s tutorial.
  • Attend the briefing session 2pm on 29 August at CB308, Chow Yei Ching Building


  • HKD $3,000 per semester as an honorarium if you successfully apply for this post. 
  • A certificate will be issued by the Department of Computer Science to recognize your working experience as a student TA in the semester.


  • Students who are passionate, responsible, and like to help others.
  • Students who received grade A- or above in previous ENGG1330, or any other programming courses.

If you are interested in this invitation, please fill in the following application form on or before 26 Aug 2019.

Best regards,

Kit and Dirk

Course instructors

Dear students,

I am really happy to be your instructor in the first programming course at HKU. I believe we have recruited the best students and you are all talented and have potential to become great Engineers. Your future arena will be characterized by the ubiquitous presence of computing technologies in everyday life. Computing skills will definitely be a core 21st-century competency that empowers you to become the creators of our future.

I wish you enjoy learning programming in this course and lay a strong foundation of coding skills and computational thinking abilities. You will find it very helpful when you enter the exciting world of advanced computing technologies like A.I., robotics, big data analytics, …etc 🙂


Dr. C.K.Chui (Kit)
Department of Computer Science

Dear students, 

It is an honor to teach this great class. Kit and I will be teaching you computer programming in Python, a language that is quickly becoming the world’s most popular coding language. In addition to learning mathematical and computational ideas your are also learning strategies for solving problems, logical thinking, and communicating ideas. These skills are useful not just for computer scientists but for everyone. If you like solving problems, there is a good chance that you will love programming. 


Dr. Dirk Schnieders
Department of Computer Science
Lecture and assessment tasks
Tutorial timeslots