April 2019

Single cell traction force measurement assay with multiphoton-based protein micropatterns

A multiphoton-based protein micropatterning technique was developed in our lab previously. In this project, protein micropillar arrays were fabricated for cell seeding, and it was utilized for single cell traction force measurement. On the other hand, a method for encapsulating cells in collagen gel for cell therapy was also developed in the lab before. In order to improve the efficiency of cell therapy using this method, characteristics of these cells has to be identified. Therefore, the traction force of stem cells that are migrated out from the gel and the cells that are not encapsulated in the gel were measured and compared to understand the differences between them.


Bookbytes serves as an online social networking platform for both avid book readers and causal book readers. Users can maintain a list of books to read,already read, dropped and on hold. The defining feature is the availability of a multitude of book clubs catering to people of all ages of all tastes from all parts of the world, except maybe Antarctica. Users can also give and receive book recommendations, post on threads in the clubs they are in and also post comments in the thread. In essence, Bookbytes is a dedicated platform where book lovers can explore their ‘niche’ to their hearts’ content.Currently, only a free-app version with ad revenue pricing model is under consideration.

Club Grenade

Club Grenade is a fast-paced multiplayer action game which a group of friends and family of all ages, at a maximum of four players, can enjoy. In the game, each player controls a character who infiltrates a high-tech facility and fights through waves of enemies with grenades only. The game has a cartoony art-style with cel shading and outline. The game currently features four unique playable characters, four types of enemies, five types of grenades and a single large level with three stages, all fully animated and textured. The players win if they defeat all enemies and exit the level, or lose if all players have been defeated.

Mixed Reality (MR) ready aircraft

Airlines have started removing IFE monitors to promote fuel economy and give way to handheld devices while losing traction and loyalty from passengers. Meanwhile, a US$300-million market of MR technology has just propelled recently and will soon become a new standard of entertainment. Under this narrative, MR ready aircraft opens up a huge variety of entertainment options to passengers and convincing business opportunities to airlines. Yet, without a standardized platform, MR developers are less interested in projects around aircraft, a subject with tedious regulations and tremendous know-how of engineering.

SKYLINER is a middleware designed for MR developers to create and publish their work on board, where passengers and crews can benefit from limitless creations. The platform includes components that are crucial to developers, like spatial understanding of the cabin environment, and compliance to regulations. SKYLINER would soften the grind during the development stage and take care of the needs of partners in MR industry.

MR ready aircraft and SKYLINER mean an opportunity of partnership with IT giants, reinforce the pledge of offering premium service and keep AIRBUS at the helm in the market.

Duckietown AI-Driving

HKU Duckietown Project is an interdisciplinary project that aims to democratise A.I. and robotics research. Through this project, students will gain tangible experience in a fun and playful way in prototyping self-driving robots and applying A.I. to the physical education platform developed by MIT for experiential learning.
A project highlight is the students’ participation in the A.I. Driving Olympics (AI-DO) international contests, with the live final events co-locate with NIPS and ICRA, the prestigious conferences in A.I. and robotics. Through the preparation of the competitions for over half a year, students will undergo intensive trainings, foster peer collaborations, solidify their knowledge and demonstrate a sustainable learning outcome.