Design secure digital wallets

Final Year Project from Department of Computer Science 

Project supervisor: Dr. J.T.H. Yuen

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This aim of the project is to design a secure crypto wallet. The application is a web application and it has incorporated 3 security features. The features are Two factor authentication, Hierarchical deterministic wallet and Multisignature technology.

Team information

Project leader: Aditya Sethi, BEng(CompSc)

Project arrangements

Dr. J.T.H. Yuen (Department of Computer Science)

The title of the project is “Design secure digital wallets”.

Analyze the state-of-the-art technologies of digital wallet in cryptocurrency and implement them as an online secure digital wallet service.

Secure user authentication method (such as two factor authentication, multi-signature scheme) and secret key protection mechanism (multiple key derivations from a single seed value)

This project has two learning objectives: 1. Understand the importance of security in software development and with hands-on implementation. 2. Understand the popular blockchain system and works in the user-side development of the blockchain applications.

The biggest challenge of this work is that this project requires a lot of self-study before the student can start on developing the software. The student has to self-study the concept of blockchain first. He has to read the whitepapers of other digital wallet softwares to understand how other developers work on this problem. Then he needs to find a suitable platform to develop his application by himself. He has to read all the documentation of the new development platform and the new smart contract programming language. The documentation is sometimes incomplete because blockchain is a very new technology.

The project is interesting because it is related to a very popular topic – blockchain. Currently, the job market for blockchain developers are blooming and this project can help the student to work in this new industry. In fact, there are a few companies who are in touch with me about developing a secure digital wallet and I referred them to my student. This project equips the student with the knowledge of security and blockchain, which is in high demand from the industry.

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