Inaugural exhibition

Soft Magnetic Skin for Super-Resolution Tactile Sensing with Force Self-decoupling

Human skin can sense subtle changes of both normal and shear forces as well as perceive stimulus with finer resolution than the average spacing between mechanoreceptors. By contrast, existing tactile sensors for robotic applications are inferior, lacking both accurate force decoupling and proper spatial resolution. This project aims at developing skin-alike soft tactile sensors based on principles of magnetic fields.

Direct Thermal Charging Cell

Low-grade heat, which is abundantly available in the environment and even in human body, is always wasted without use. Direct Thermal Charging Cell (DTCC) is invented for efficient heat-to-electricity conversion yielding a conversion efficiency over 5%, which surpasses all existing thermo-electrochemical and thermo-electric systems in low-grade heat regime.

Unravelling How SARS-CoV-2 Has Been Transmitted

How is the emerging new SARS-CoV-Z transmitted? This has been one of the major challenges for effective intervention since the COVlD-19 pandemic emerged in late 2019.
Following our continuous environmental studies of infection since 2003 SARS epidemics, our team immediately explored our long-held hypothesis that short-range inhalation transmission might predominate the spread of most respiratory infection.