June 30, 2020

BuslMan – Innovative Design Using Building Information Modelling

The development of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology has reshaped our construction industry in many aspects throughout different stages in the project life cycle. Our team, BusIMan, has learnt more about the practical usages of BIM through this competition with our collaboration.
The designed complex is dedicated to the Digital Design & Construction Centre (DDCC). Our design comprises two buildings (South Wing and North Wing) linked by an arch bridge (“The Link”) with a podium underneath. This forms a shape of “CIC” when browsing on the plan view. An iconic bridge (“The Wave”) extends from the complex to the adjacent building, transforming the complex into a district icon. With aesthetic considerations and segmented zones for different facilities type, the complex aims at providing a desirable learning space and a professional working environment.

Automatic Fabric Roll Edge Extractor

Automation technology has been highly adopted by different manufacturing industries in the past two decades. It shows an increasing investment in research and development throughout these two decades to replace labor in production lines. The leading dyeing and finishing machinery development company Fong’s National Engineering Co. Ltd. offered us a project in device designing to smooth their production line. The head of the raw fabric rolls is usually attached with an adhesive tape to prevent the head from falling out in the transportation process. This project aims to design and build a prototype of an Automatic fabric roll edge extractor with the concept of engineering design thinking. The function of the device is to automate the removal process of adhesive tape without any manpower involved.