January 7, 2020

Drift Bottle

In view of the rising trend of mental health issues among students, measures are certainly needed to alleviate the serious situation. Drift Bottle is an innovative platform for students to express their emotions in a message-in-a-bottle style. With the help of artificial intelligence in the phases of content moderation and sentiment analysis, this platform is free of malicious content and solely for users to share their delightful or distressed moments. Moreover, specialist will be contacting users for consultation and guidance in order to support them mentally. We hope that through sharing your own thoughts and reading fellow peers’ stories, students could better manage their stress and emotions, and hence reducing the risk of having mental health issues.

MemoMe App

MemoMe is an Android Application aiming at improving teenager mental health. It integrates multiple functionalities, allowing users to express their emotions, give and get support from other people, make grounded to-do plans facing their problems.

It enables users to plan meaningful activities and get reward after completion. The reward can be used later in the online community. The community is where users can express themselves anonymously and give support or get support via virtual gifts. The gifts are bought by the coins received from to-do plan completion by the user.

This application targets at the prevalence of teenager anxiety these days. One the one hand, it offers a stress relieving platform for teenagers to express their feelings anonymously and help each other to face the common growing pains. On the other hand, making to-do plans are strongly encouraged as this will help them to ease the anxiety from the root.

The project has been submitted to Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Competition.