January 6, 2020


Relax, Recharge and Reflect! Pacifi offers a solution to depression, anxiety and stress. It is the first app of its kind in the market focusing on teenagers’ mental health.

The team members have recently made their submission to Samsung Competition and the app was made based on the theme provided to them by the Samsung.

Posture Eye

This is an Android app that monitors a person sitting posture in real time. It keeps track of three points of a human body: ear, shoulder, and hip position.
By observing these three points, the app categorize the posture of the person into 1)
Straight, 2) Hunched Back or 3) Arched Back, and records the distribution of your posture during the monitored period (e.g. When you are doing revision, you sit straight 50% of the time, you hunchback 25% of the time and you arch back 25% of the time).
To use this app, position your phone camera so that it captures the side view of your sitting posture, then the app will start to monitor your posture automatically and gives you a simple report of your posture after the session.