RFID and autonomous vehicle

Course project, ELEC3848 Integrated Design Project

Project supervisor: Dr. K.S. Lui & Dr. K.H. LAM (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Project information

Project descriptions

Have you ever imagined that your vehicle can be self-controlled automatically? Your car will bring you to your designated destination with the fastest route, avoiding collision while your hands are not holding the steering wheel or even following a specific car that has the same destination as you. All of these can be achieved by autonomous vehicle. In the project, our main objective is to create a simple and reliable autonomous vehicle. With RFID control, your dream may success . This is the future autonomous vehicle.

Team information

Project leader: Chan Chi Ho, BEng (EE)

Team member(s): Lau Yat Tung, BEng(ElecE); Li Pak Yin, BEng(EE); Yeung Chak Hei, BEng(EE)

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