Dumb ways to fail

Course project, COMP3329¬†Computer Game Design and Programming‚Äč

Project supervisor: Dr. T.W. Chim (Department of Computer Science)

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Project descriptions

Dumb ways to fail is a game which simulates a typical student experience, which one’s lack of attention to different aspects of a course (attendance, coursework, exam etc) could lead to failing a course. Within the game, players will go through a series of mini games, in which they will be given short instruction and react quickly to complete that game successfully. After players have played the game for several times, they will become better at the game and could achieve higher grade at the end of the game. Random bonus will be given to players to create extra excitement.

Team information

Project leader: Cheung Hoi Ching, BBA(IS)

Team member(s): Chan Hiu Chun, BBA(IS); Lai Chun Wing, BBA(IS); Lin Wai Kwan, BBA(IS); Lau Yee Pan, BBA(IS); Yuen Chung Hei, BBA(IS)

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