Dr. Joseph S.H. CHEUNG

Department of Civil Engineering

Dear students,

If you are interested in the following topics of interest, please feel free to approach me to discuss.

I am looking forward to seeing you around.

Best regards,

The topic(s) of interest
  • Catastrophe risk, reliability and resilience of structural and infrastructural systems subjected to natural disasters (earthquake, tsunami, flood and typhoon)
  • Structural dynamics, Earthquake engineering, Offshore engineering and Performance based engineering
  • Computational stochastic dynamics
  • Extreme and rare event simulation
  • Structural and infrastructure health monitoring and advanced sensor technologies
  • System identification, uncertainty quantification, Bayesian updating
  • Stochastic optimization for decision making, design and control under risk and uncertainty with reliability and resilience based objectives or constraints
  • Coupled multiscale and multiphysics modelling and computation
  • Fluid-structure and soil-structure interaction
  • Transition and turbulence modelling in computational fluid dynamics
  • Deep excavation and support system
  • Climate change impact studies
  • Chemical kinetics and combustion modelling
  • Cyber-physical system, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and digital twin
  • Complexity theory and complex system
  • Computational engineering and sciences
  • Sustainable infrastructure development
The time members can find me in Innovation Wing