Industry 4.0 Cases for Smart Manufacturing, Logistics, and Construction

Principal Investigator: Professor George G.Q. HUANG (Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering)

This project is showcased in the inaugural exhibition – Engineering for Better Living in Innovation Wing Two

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The housing shortage is a well-recognized challenge in Hong Kong. To meet the huge and growing needs, productivity and on-time delivery facilitated by modern building technology and decision support platforms in housing projects are crucial. Besides, e-commerce has grown very fast recently. Professor Huang’s team developed cyber-physical systems including both hardware and software solutions for construction and e-commerce logistics industries.

Novelty of the Project

The solutions are deployed as cloud platforms for multiple stakeholders to use the corresponding services and eventually realize Industrial 4.0. The Projects focus on several key technologies:

  1. Since the real-time manufacturing and logistics data are captured using advanced ubiquitous devices, more efficient cross-border logistic and supply chain management can be achieved;
  2. Real-time information traceability, visibility and interoperability tools integrate and interact with existing information systems, and achieve the seamless communication and coordination among multiple stakeholders throughout the project / logistics lifecycle;
  3. It achieves better coordination for intralogistics within factories and warehouses, and city logistics for Just-In-Time (JIT) housing production.

Benefit to the Community

Stakeholders use apps and loT wearables to collect real-time information and build up visibility and traceability throughout the supply chain. The platform provides real-time statuses during manufacturing, logistics, warehouse or construction site. The use of the platform achieves warehouse and logistics operational convenience and productivity Electronic data integration between different stakeholders reduces time for seamless information exchange, avoids information fragmentation, and helps to eliminate information blind spots.

About the Scholar

Professor Huang is the Chair Professor and Head of Department in Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. He has conducted research projects in the field of Physical Internet (Internet of Things) for Manufacturing and Logistics with substaintial government and industrial grants.

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Achievement of the Project

With the support of Innovation and Technology Fund, solutions have been implemented in some building construction projects for Hong Kong Housing Authority and Hong Kong Housing Society. The Project also got the award of CIC BIM Achievement 2020.

The team also works with over 10 companies in Hong Kong and Mainland China for the iPark project. – The team has established connections with the industries including Huawei 2021 Lab and Delta Electronics.

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