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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Project supervisor: Dr. Zhang Fu (Department of Mechanical Engineering), 

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BREED is a student group committed to developing and promoting bio-inspired technology. Our flagship VAYU project – the world’s fastest robotic fish – and our upcoming initiatives such as our robotic dog aim to educate and enhance awareness in the general student body. Using designs perfected by millions of years of natural evolution, we adapt selected features into increasing effectiveness of man-made robots. We aim to establish a hub based in the Innovation Wing where this development can take root in the local community, increasing awareness and interest while promoting scientific innovation: this will be done through outreach projects, educational initiatives, as well as the continuation of various bio-inspired initiatives under BREED.

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Project leader(s): Leung Hin Wai, Henry, BEng(CE)

Team member(s):

Timothy Ng Ju Kin (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Moses Yueqiang Liew, BEng(EngSc), Naman Gulati, BEng(EE), Taha Abid, BEng(CE), Pallavi Goel, BEng(IELM), Alexia Chan BEng, Enoch Wong BEng(GEBP), Gordon Leung, BEng(BME), Ingrid Wong, BEng(EE), Jasmine Leung, BBA(EDI), Oscar Chung, BEng(CE), Krishna Kothandaraman, BEng(CS), Abdulwadood Ashraf Faazli, BEng(BME), George Ng, BEng, Mohammad Nauman, BEng(IELM), Kelvin Fung, BEng(CE), Yuen Yau, BEng(CS), Suen Choi, BSc(MBB), Masood Ahmed, BEng(CS), Heidi Chui Cheuk Yu, BEng(IELM), Alice Elizabeth Beveridge, LLB, Michael Obeng, BEng(ME) 

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Guniess World record holder: Fastest 50 m swim by a robotic fish

The fastest 50 m swim by a robotic fish is 26.79 sec and was achieved by The Vayu Project in Shenzhen, China, on 23 January 2020.

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