From Hospital-centric to Human-centric: “PERfECT” Wearables for Digital Health

Principal Investigator: Professor Shiming ZHANG (Assistant Professor from Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

This project is showcased in the third exhibition – Technology for Future.

About the scholar

Professor Shiming ZHANG

Research interests:
WISE’s ongoing research is to use a bottom-up strategy (materials-manufacturing-devices-integrations) to develop a transferable organic biosensing platform for molecular biosensing, wearables and implantables, targeted drug delivery, imaging, and neuroelectronics, with the purpose to improve the quality of life. At the same time, we focus on developing low-carbon manufacturing technologies, and the use of green organic materials to develop sustainable electronics for health innovation.
In parallel, our research is contributing to shaping a new research direction: soft iontronics (softronics), where elastic iontronic conducting polymers and hydrogels are combined to resolve the unmet biomedical challenges of tomorrow. Our research creates new knowledge of soft bioelectronic devices, which enables us to understand better the communication that occurred at the abiotic/biotic interface and to develop novel neuromorphic synaptic transistors that can be stretched.


Project information
“HKU PERfECT” is the first wearable platform that can simultaneously acquire the following three merits. 1. Highly sensitive: By combing electrochemical technology with microelectronic technology, the highest sensitivity is reached. 2. Smallest and lightest: By using the smallest possible electronic units and marrying emerging stretchable bioelectronic technologies, coin-sized and light (0.5 grams) PERfECT wearables have been used for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, and rehabilitation. 3. Energy efficient: By using interdisciplinary research strategies spanning analytical chemistry, low-power microelectronics, and low-power wireless communication, PERfECT achieves the highest accuracy with the lowest power consumption, ideal for long-term using.
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