SIG – HKU Unmanned Aerial System (HKU UAS)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor: Dr. P. Lu (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Project information

Project descriptions

HKU UAS is a student interest group focusing on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). We aim to gather self-motivated drone lovers to learn and work on drone projects together. Not only to gain a lot of hands-on experience, by joining us, you could improve your mechanical skills and learn and apply electrical and computer science skills.

With the support of Innovation Wing, we plan to join competitions to test our knowledge and skills, also to learn from other teams and gain valuable experience. In 2022, the team build the system based on the rules of AUVSI SUAS 2023. The AUVSI SUAS Competition is a yearly event, designed to stimulate interest in UAS technologies and careers, and to engage students in a challenging UAS mission.

Team information

Project leader(s): Ian Anthony WIJONO, BEng(ME)

Team member(s): Chuk Tin Yau, BEng(ME); Hau Pak Chuen, BEng(ME); Zhou Yuying, BEng(ME); Mok Ping Kit, BEng(ME); Tsang Chin Fung, BEng(CS); Mong Chuek, BEng(CS); Anchit Mishra, BEng(CS); Cheung Chun Ho, BEng(CE); Chin Ming Sum, BEng(CE)


What do we do for the Capstone Project?

For the Capstone Project, you and your team, along with the rest of the HKU UAS will be designing a UAS to join the AUVSI Student Unmanned Aerial Systems Competition in Maryland, USA.
Some of the tasks include:

  • Design and manufacture of the Drone
  • Design and manufacture an Unmanned Ground Vehicle for package delivery
  • Design and implementation of an autonomous system to complete missions outlined by the competition

Details of the competition can be found here:

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for students passionate about drone technology.

We are looking for students who are interested in

  • Mechanical design and assembly;
  • Electrical wiring and soldering;
  • Programming; or
  • Machine learning

You do not need to be very experienced or knowledgeable. As long as you are passionate, we can teach you and you can learn.

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