SIG – Smart Buildings and application of IoT

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Project supervisor: Lam King Hang (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

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Internet of Things (IoT) is a system that connects sensors, machines, computing devices, etc. together to collect data without much human involvement. IoT allows a very massive amount of data to be collected, which were not available in the past. The data collected can then be used to enhance operation efficiency and performance of a system. The system then becomes โ€œsmartโ€ in the sense that the system can now make decisions that are more optimized and intelligent without much human interaction. A home/building/city becomes smart when IoT is adopted in its maintenance and daily operations. IoT and smart city are still in infancies that there are not many real implementations. A complete IoT application consists of various components including sensors, power electronics, information processing, communication network, data analytics, data visualization, and data security etc. A lot of projects can be developed from these elements to provide experiential learning to our students.

Team information

Project leader(s): Lai Wai Man, MSc(3)

Team advisor(s): Raymond Ho (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Team member(s): Chan Hau Kit, MSc;
Ng Wai Chung, MSc;
Wong Ting Kei, MSc;
Lui Yin Man, MSc;
Yip Wai Hong, MSc;
Chung Ka Yin, MSc;
Man King Nam, MSc;
Ho Ka Yan, MSc ;
Tsui Ka Yu, MSc;
Lau Chun Wai, MSc;
Lau Chi Lap, MSc;
Ho Wai Hin, MSc;
Li Hangtai, MSc;
Liu Wai Hon, BEng;
Ngai Lai Chi, BEng

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