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Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering


Dr Ray Zhong, Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Dr Chui Chun Kit, Lecturer, Department of Computer Science

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The history of civilization originates from the progression of human technology. However, technology is never the sole driver of social innovations. No engineering marvel nor innovative inventions speak for themselves, and neither can the masses who will benefit the most from this technology know how to harness its power. NestSpace believes that it is the ministry of society for technology to manifest itself in ergonomic, responsible, and modern ways.

Team information

Project leader(s): Chang Kwan Jack, BEng(EngSc)

Team member(s): Chuk Tin Yau, BEng(ME); Hau Pak Chuen, BEng(ME); Zhou Yuying, BEng(ME); Mok Ping Kit, BEng(ME); Tsang Chin Fung, BEng(CS); Mong Chuek, BEng(CS); Anchit Mishra, BEng(CS); Cheung Chun Ho, BEng(CE); Chin Ming Sum, BEng(CE)

Our Project

Integrated Ergonomic 3D Printing System

3D Printing is nothing new in 2023, vast institutions around the world have shown its power and its many uses. These machines are prominent and highly popular in the Innovation Wing, where over 100KG of materials are used every year. Barring upfront machine costs. These machines are useful in providing inexpensive prototyping, as well as producing cost-effective replacement parts for everyday items.

However, large amounts of people who could benefit from these machines are unable to fully utilize it due to the frustrating and convoluted procedures just to get a print started. Should the 3D printer be able to bring along the improvement to society as the innovators of their field imagined, it must first be accessible by regular people both technologically and physically.

Through this project, we are developing a set of hardware and software which can control a 3D printer’s availability, ease its uses, and lower downtime and costs. We hope that these improvements can allow 3D printers to be deployed in a greater variety of places, including libraries and schools.

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