Schedule an Inno Wing TECH TALK

TechTalk series aim to spread your scholarly work to scholars of different disciplines. In TechTalk, you speak to other scholars in our faculty, on the entire campus, and beyond. You may imagine your TechTalk as your plenary speech in a multi-disciplinary conference.

A TechTalk differs from your usual seminars in your department or in your discipline conference. TechTalks are conducted weekly both at Inno Wing 2, Faculty of Engineering, and online.

Each TechTalk has a speaker and a moderator. A speaker is responsible to identify a moderator for your talk.

  • For TechTalk (Thursdays), both speakers and moderators should be professoriate staff in the Faculty of Engineering. In the future, we shall extend our speaker invitation to other faculties on campus.
  • For young scholar TechTalk (Tuesdays), both speakers and moderators should be senior research students or a postdoc. Endorsement of your supervisor is needed.

Your TechTalk shall be based on your top journal publications, and/or a new technology that you have developed. It is not just about ideas, but about scholarly work on new ideas.

You are the expert.

Schedule an Inno Wing Tech Talk


You can register your talk at least four weeks in advance.

For promotion, we need a title, an abstract of 100-150 words, representative images and a short bio (about 100 words), and two photos of the speaker and moderator, three weeks in advance to confirm your talk.

Each talk lasts a maximum of 30 min with an additional 15 min for discussion.

We recommend not more than 25 slides. Please avoid jargon, and focus on significance, ideas, and concepts. Be clear, concise, and convincing. No technospeak. Rehearsal is necessary and essential. Our TechTalk officer will contact you and help you to arrange an on-site rehearsal.

The best way of learning how to prepare your talk is by attending/listening to other TechTalks and feeling what works best for you. As time goes on, we shall learn together the best presentation structure/style for TechTalk.

Your talk and Q&A sessions will be recorded.


  • Week 1: Inno Wing 2 will do a minimum editing of your talk video.
  • Week 2: The speaker endorses the video release. For young scholar TechTalk videos, supervisor endorsement is needed. Your talk video is then immediately released online (Inno Wing 2 website and Youtube).

Inno Wing 2 reserves the copyright of all talk videos (not the work presented in the videos) and the right of not releasing the talk video online.

TechTalk (Thursdays)
for professoriate staff in the Faculty of Engineering

Young scholar TechTalk (Tuesdays)
for senior research student, or a postdoc

Pre-scheduled events/activities and public/university holiday