Innovation Wing Counter Service

Prior booking is required to enter Inno Wing

Access arrangement

  • Only members coming back for hands-on work for endorsed/approved projects/courses will be allowed to enter the venue.
  • Members have to fill out the Bookng form before coming back to Innovation Wing.
  • Innovation Wing Office reserves the right to reject/reschedule the booking to maintain a low-density workspace for members.

Extra preventive arrangement

  • Reduced opening hours. Innovation Wing will open at 10 am – 4 pm on the weekdays, and closed on Saturday, Sunday, and other Public/University holidays.
  • Closure of non-hands-on area. The non-hands-on area such as Dream Chamber, the Meeting rooms, the Brainstorming area, the Conference room, etc, will be closed.
    The 3D printing service, Laser cutting and engraving service, Electronic workbenches, Machine Shop, the Digital Learning Studio and other special project workspaces will be available with reduced service.
  • Increased fresh air intake. The frequency of the exhaust fans of the Innovation Wing has been tuned to increase the fresh air intake of the Innovation Wing.
  • Tighten social distancing requirement. The capacity of the venues is further reduced. Maintain at least 1.5m social distancing. Members are requested to work individually on separate workbenches.
  • Frequent announcement and checking. Members who do not follow the rules, including eating, mask-off, violate social distance requirement, will be required to leave the premises immediately. Frequent announcement and checking will be arranged in the center.

Booking form

  • Members are encouraged to make the booking at least 3 hours before your arrival. Thank you.

Say Hello!

  • If you have an inquiry, feel free to talk to our staff who is online in the zoom below. Thank you 🙂