SIG – IIIs for VIPs

Ideas, Inventions, and Innovations for Visually Impaired Person(s)

Host unit: Biomedical Engineering (Faculty of Engineering and LKS Faculty of Medicine)

Supervisor: Dr. CHAN Yau Kei Joseph (Department of Ophthalmology, School of Clinical Medicine, LKS Faculty of Medicine)

Project Background

IIIs for VIPs is an SIG collaborating with our supervisor Dr. Joseph Chan. It aims to provide a space where students can create inventions which help improve the daily lives of visually impaired persons (VIPs). We welcome students from engineering, medicine and interested students from other faculties.

Our SIG will support our members in finishing their projects until it becomes available for public use. Any project with the purpose of improving the activities of daily living for VIPs are welcome.

Existing Projects

EXIT FINDER Mobile Application

“Exit Finder” allows VIPs to navigate independently and confidently around stations they may be unfamiliar with by providing text-to speech directions in terms of step number based on tactile paths available in the station.

Analyzing the accessibility of different types of daily activities for VIPs in Hong Kong

“The accessibility of daily activities for the VIPs still has room for improvement. Challenges surrounding navigation, public transport, education, employment, public facilities, and many more are still not acknowledged publicly.

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