SIG – ICRA AI Challenge Team

Department of Computer Science

Project supervisor: Dr. Pan Jia (Department of Computer Science)

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Robomaster ICRA AI Challenge is a competition held by DJI and IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. It emphasizes on writing AI algorithms and tuning and choosing and training machine learning models to power pure automatic robots to accomplish complex goals like building maps, avoiding collision and tracking. Our team aims to build AI Robot tuples that can work purely automatically. Implementing and design decision policies according to competition requirements. Training AI networks to recognize and track objects. Implement localization and motion planning on robots under uncertainty.

Team information

Project leader(s): Chen SiRui, BEng(CompSc)

Team member(s): Gao Enge,BEng;  Meiwen Su,BASc(AppliedAI); Zhu Jiarui, BEng(EngSc); Tao Xijia, BEng; Zhiheng Lyu, BEng; Hao Xixuan; Chen Da, Lo Yu Sum, BEng; Yan Zipeng, BEng; Chui Cheuk Yin, BEng; Yun Ze, BSc; Zhao Yazhou, BEng(EngSc); Li Zicheng, BEng; Law Man Ting, BASc(AppliedAI); Wu Huan, BEng(CompSc); Wang Kexin, BEng(CompSc); Fan Erin

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