A smart Far UVC system for effective inactivation of surface and airborne bacteria and viruses

Principal Investigator: Professor Dennis Y.C. LEUNG (Professor from Department of Mechanical Engineering)

This project is showcased in the third exhibition – Technology for Future.

About the scholar

Professor Dennis Y.C. LEUNG

Research interests:
• To develop new technologies for renewable energy and environmental protection

Email: ycleung@hku.hk
Website: https://www.mech.hku.hk/academic-staff/Leung-DYC

Project information
The spread of pathogenic microorganisms in public spaces poses a great threat to human health. Professor Leung’s team develops a system using far ultraviolet C (UVC) light (wavelength: 222nm) for surface and air disinfection in an actual environment without affecting the normal usage of the area. Many studies indicated that Far UVC will not create harmful effect on testing creatures such as mice. To further strengthen the safety use of the device for disinfection, the system will not irradiate far UVC light in the presence of people in the area so it will be totally safe in using it.

Features of the far UVC lamp developed:
• This system disinfects air and surfaces using Far-UVC light (wavelength 222nm).
• It can calculate and apply the required dosage to disinfect surfaces in a room.
• With the aid of motion sensor or mm wave human detector, it can switch off when the room is occupied.

Far UVC Lamp
Project video
Project images
Field test and lab test result for 15 minutes irradiation of Far UVC on E-coli and S. faecalis.
Required UVC dose for the inactivation of different microorganisms on (a) glass surface and (b) steel surface by far-UVC irradiation.
The system uses Far UVC light for disinfection, which can be tailor-made for usage in different applications such as in lift cabin, bathrooms, toilets or garbage rooms.
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