Dual-comb Optical Coherence Tomography

Principal Investigator: Professor Kenneth K.Y. WONG (Professor from Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

This project is showcased in the second exhibition – Digitization in Innovation Wing Two

About the scholar

Professor Kenneth K.Y. WONG

Research interests: Versatile lasers and their applications in biomedical instruments
Email: kywong@eee.hku.hk
Website: www.eee.hku.hk/people/kywong
ABIC website: www.abic.hk

Project information

What is an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)?

OCT is a spectrum-encoded, cross-sectional, and non-invasive imaging device. The future OCT would be able to image thicker samples more efficiently.

What are the current general biomedical imaging applications of OCT?

Field 1: Ophthalmology (eye care)

OCT is commonly used to image the front eye segment and retina non-invasively and label-free, for diagnosis of some eye disorders.

Field 2: Intracoronary (heart blood vessel)

OCT is also used to image the stent attachment in the minimally-invasive surgery obtained to open clogged major coronary arteries.

What is the major obstacle in OCT improvement to image deeper biological tissue for better medical diagnosis?


What is the solution to reduce the OCT bandwidth limitation, resulting in improved speed?

Dual optical frequency combs


How to realize the dual-comb OCT (DC-OCT)?

Dual-comb is two individual combs with a repetition-rate difference. Detection bandwidth in DC-OCT can be reduced by
down converting optical frequencies to radio frequencies when two combs beat mutually, resulting in >10 times less bandwidth !


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