DipµChip – An Automated Tool for Point-of-care Disease diagnostics

Principal Investigator: Professor Anderson SHUM (Professor from Department of Mechanical Engineering)

This project is showcased in the third exhibition – Technology for Future.

About the scholar

Professor Anderson SHUM

Research interests: 
• Emulsion
• Soft condensed matter physics
• Microfluidics
• Emulsion-templated materials
• Bio-microfludics
• Drug delivery
• Cosmetics applications and Food applications

Email: info@abic.hk
ABIC website: www.abic.hk

Project information
DipµChip is an automated capillary microfluidic-based point-of-care (POC) microsystem allowing rapid and portable detection of various high-impact and mortality diseases, such as pneumonia, sepsis, malaria, and COVID-19. Our Mission is “Empowering access to adequate clinical care for high-impact disease patients using molecular biology and point-of-care microfluidics.” End-users of DipµChip include clinics, hospitals, homes, and assisted living healthcare facilities, democratizing access to adequate clinical care, and saving precious lives of patients in need.
Schematic diagram of the automated capillary microfluidic-based point-of-care (POC) microsystem
Project video
Project images
The device utilizes a core enabling technical development that allows consecutive loading and unloading of reagents to carry out complex bioassays involving antibodies, aptamers, proteins, or cells.
Capillary-driven flow microfluidic loading samples into microchannels, eliminating the need for sophisticated instruments and external pumping control
Reagents are loaded into the microchannel of the microchip through an automated dipping mechanism into the reagents laden on a specifically designed microwell, which is then unloaded using external capillaric agents
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