High Strength, Lightweight, and Safe Steel for CO₂ Emission Reduction

Principal Investigator: Professor Mingxin HUANG (Chair Professor of Materials Technology from Department of Mechanical Engineering)

This project is showcased in the third exhibition – Technology for Future.

About the scholar

Professor Mingxin HUANG

Research interests:
• Fundamentals of microstructure-property relationship and phase transformation of metals and alloys
• Development of light weight materials for automotive applications
• Development of advanced alloy materials for semiconductor industry
• Development of advanced alloy materials for biology and catalyst applications

Email: mxhuang@hku.hk
Website: https://meweb.hku.hk/mxhuang/

Project information
High strength lightweight steel can effectively save energy and cut emissions of vehicles, although it is more brittle than traditional low strength steel, which causes safety issue. This project tailors the coating structure of high strength lightweight steel to make this steel more ductile and ensure the safety.
The goal of vehicle CO₂ Emission Reduction
Project images
Ultra High Strength Steel without coating
Ultra High Strength Steel with AlSi-coated
microscopic view of the coated Ultra High Strength Steel
Bending angle improved by more than 35%
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