Date: June 13-20 2019, Tampa, Florida, United States

Presenter: Dr. C.K.Chui, Director of the Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing


The Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing (Inno Wing) – opening in mid-2020 – will serve as an iconic landmark of the Faculty of Engineering. Home of future cutting-edge research projects, the Inno Wing will provide an open environment to foster multidisciplinary innovation among students and teachers, enabling generations of students to gain comprehensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the latest discoveries and challenges in a wide range of emerging technologies. It will serve as a platform to engage the young generation in exploring the world, raising their creative and multidisciplinary abilities, and ensuring they acquire the practical hands-on experience they need to serve the community.

Inno Wing will host various multidisciplinary programmes for bringing together like-minded students in an active peer learning community where they can delve into diverse topics pertinent to the use of cutting-edge technologies related to robotics, artificial intelligence, electric automobiles, healthcare, and new frontiers. These programmes will contextualize and integrate undergraduate students’ learning—both across and beyond the curriculum—through a connective spine of Student-led Interest Groups (SIGs) partnering with advising supervisors for Teaching and Learning (T&L) of their peers, Research and Development (R&D) of cutting-edge technologies, and creating meaningful impacts through Knowledge Exchange (KE), coupled with out-of-classroom/ curriculum credits. These SIGs will also enable students to assimilate engineering knowledge and skills by contextualizing and applying them in hands-on projects and authentic experiences. The community will serve as a living repository for knowledge which complements our current curriculum.

At Inno Wing, we wish the goals of our community intersect with the passions and aspiration of our participating students. They will relish new challenges and embrace an inexact yet a rigorous learning adventure.

Dr. C.K. Chui (Kit)
Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing
Faculty of Engineering
The University of Hong Kong

For any collaborations, please feel free to contact Dr. C.K. Chui (Kit) at, the Director of the Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Hong Kong.