Day: April 26, 2019


At Tenki, we hope to delivery accurate local weather data to Hong Kong citizens in minimal manner.

Tenki is a revolutionary weather app. Retrieving its data from Hong Kong Observatory, Tenki provides accurate local weather data to HK citizens. The redesigned minimalistic user interface provides a distinctive and holistic user experience. Users get to access their desired information at their fingertips.

Tenki updates weather information according to users’ location. Users can receive notifications in case of special weather conditions. They can also access to other information such as weather forecast and astronomic data.


People often relate eating alone with loneliness. A research found that eating alone may result in various health problems including depression, obesity and having metabolic syndrome. There are different constrains, like time limit and geological separation, in finding friends to gather for lunch, yet, having lunch is a good social activity to meet people. LunchToGether is a match app for lunch dates, linking people in nearby region wishing to have lunch in the same period of time together to form lunch date groups. The app features instant multiple matching. Whenever you would have lunch, launch the app, then we will make all the arrangements for you.

Go Princess

Go Princess is a 2D escape adventure game made with unity. While sleeping beauty waits hundreds of years for prince’s kiss, our princess wakes up and fight for her destiny. The princess has two tasks, namely keeping alive and escaping. To keep alive, princess should elude possible monsters in her way out. She also need to walk around to find food to support since health point decreases with time. To find the way to escape, she will interact with many NPCs in castle, from whom she might receive messages or useful tools. Finally she will fight with wizard in the main door to get freedom.